Rose Veal – Ethical and high welfare from our families dairy farm in the Vale of Glamorgan

Welcome to Marcross Farm

We are the Evans family, raising high welfare Rose Veal on our 4th generation dairy farm on the coast of the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan in South Wales.

Our award winning, 180 strong Holstein Friesian dairy herd is owned and managed by Hopkin along with his parents Tony and Sharon.

Farm Assured Welsh Livestock

The absolute worst part of the dairy industry is the wastage created by producing male calves. It is an element of the business which we both hated while growing up on the farm.

So we can eliminate this needless wasting of calves at birth, we decided to start own enterprise at Marcross Farm which allows these calves a high standard of welfare rearing them for premium Welsh Rose Veal meat.

All our calves are bred, born and raised at Marcross Farm and only ever leave when they go for Welsh Rose Veal.

We are producing a fantastic, premium product that we are incredibly proud of!

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Hopkin Evans

“Really good. One of the menu I think!”
– James Sommerin, Michelin Star Chef